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The caisse is taking a new name that speaks of solidarity. One with a universal reach that inspires all generations to build a future together. A name that unites those who believe prosperity is meant to be shared. Welcome home.

UNI is a simple word which expresses the conviction that the future of every citizen lies more than ever in them joining forces. Its simplicity also highlights its quiet strength. The humbleness of a brand which doesn't have to prove its financial stability. The persuasive strength of a brand founded around the great project of using sharing and collaboration as building blocks for the growth of our individual, collective and provincial wealth.

The Acadian star will keep on shining within the new logo, and keep on guiding the destiny of all Acadians for a long time. Four other shades of blue and green now support the Caisse's iconic green. They come together in harmony to highlight New Brunswick's diversity from the green of its forests, to the marine blue of the ocean and its coasts and to the hopeful green of its entrepreneurs.

The caption "Financial Cooperation" appears under the word UNI. It specifies the brand's field of involvement and its philosophy. UNI is not a bank, it creates growth through sharing and collaboration.


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