AccèsD Affaires is a complete online financial management tool for businesses and self-employed workers that allows you to make a variety of transactions, from bill payment to payroll, from your office, home or other location.

AccèsD Affaires frees you from time and travel constraints and allows you to delegate tasks to your employees while still keeping control over your affairs.

  • Real time cash management in CAD and USD.
  • Accounts available anytime and anywhere at the click of a mouse.
  • Highly secured connection guarantees the safety and privacy of information.
  • Access controlled by manager or principal administrator.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Flexible and versatile: can be adapted to the needs of any type of business.
  • Access mode: Internet
AccèsD Affaires allows you to :
  • keep tabs on your cash flow at all times and from anywhere in the world simply by going online;
  • make standard transactions immediately or at a later date by a simple click of the mouse;
  • transfer funds between your CAD and USD accounts;
  • pay bills to over 500 organizations;
  • file tax returns and make government remittances;
  • obtain virtual statements of account activity on the first working day of each month;
  • free yourself from the task of recurring transactions by selectively delegating them to one or several employees, according to their level of responsibility;
  • get an annual bank confirmation automatically from the caisse(s) where you have an account;
  • simplify direct deposits and withdrawals as well as bank reconciliations;
  • save time, travel and postage fees!
From $0 to $29.95/month (varies based on options selected), transaction fees extra, or according to your plan.

AccèsD Affaires is a complete online financial management tool for businesses and self-employed workers.

Try it free for three months.

You will be charge a fee of $8.95/month after the trial period.

To register for AccèsD Affaires, fill out the following preregistration form, contact your caisse.

Use this AccèsD Affaires feature to instantly invest – without intermediaries – in one of our guaranteed fixed-rate investments. It's a good way to grow your money, risk-free.


  • Online account is opened instantly and possibility of consulting it anytime.
  • A certificate attesting to the deposit conditions is sent to you automatically.
  • Statement of account indicating account transactions (investment date, maturity date, interest rate, etc.).


  • Capital 100% guaranteed.
  • Great feature to help you manage your cash, or to use for short-, medium- and long-term projects.
  • Flexibility due to the buyback option offered on some of our products.
  • Possibility of automatically renewing an investment at maturity or depositing it, and the interest, into your chequing account.

How to get this product?

Select the Cash management tab, then Investment acquisition.

Did you know?

You can delegate the Investment acquisition feature to an employee and still maintain control.

For more information

For more information contact your caisse.

Stop payment on one or more pre-authorized payments or cheques with this AccèsD Affaires feature.


  • Easy-to-use service available under Other services in the left-hand menu of the Cash Management tab.
  • Make a stop payment on one or more cheques in Canadian or U.S. currency and on one or more pre-authorized payments in Canadian currency. Works with all your chequing accounts.
  • Make, modify or delete stop payments in both single-signature and two-signature accounts.
  • Use mobile services to authorize stop payments when a second signature is required.
  • Feature is available for all users authorized to make transfers in the Cash Management tab.
  • Primary administrator can delegate access to other users.


  • Access the feature at any time (24/7).
  • Cut back on phone calls or trips to your caisse.
  • Track stop payment orders placed by you or your caisse.

To use AccèsD Affaires

You must have a business account.

An AccèsD Affaires function that allows you to produce a bank confirmation once a year on your company's year-end date.

Advantages for you

  • You have access to your company's bank confirmation at anytime and from anywhere.
  • Considerably reduces production time and costs.
  • Bank confirmations may be made for each caisse in which you have a folio.
  • Even includes your folios that are not registered for AccèsD Affaires.

Advantages for your accountant

  • Bank confirmation forms may be viewed or printed at anytime and bank confirmations securely produced without your having to get involved.
  • Puts an end to the endless exchange of paper forms between you and your caisse.
  • Saves time and increases productivity.
  • Forms are available for six months following the end of the company's fiscal year.

If you are a public accountant

AccèsD Affaires allows you to get your client or manager's authorization to produce a company's bank confirmation using your own access to the company's AccèsD Affaires Service.

If your clients are not AccèsD Affaires users or don't know about the bank confirmation service, tell them about it and encourage them to sign up for it!

How to make a bank confirmation

  • From the Statements tab, select Bank confirmation.
  • Click on the caisse name for which you want to obtain a bank confirmation.

See the demonstration

For more information, call your Caisse.

Delegate tasks in AccèsD Affaires the way you already delegate other tasks within your company. Securely and while still maintaining control.


The primary administrator, or the person you designate to manage the AccèsD Affaires service in your company can:

  • assign specific access rights to delegate certain activities to employees or external associates such as financial controllers
  • authorize access for specific employees by assigning each one an identification code and password, and decide what types of transactions they will be allowed to make based on their role
  • open user files so that the different users can access the service
  • limit each user's access to certain accounts and services and to certain transactions
  • view transaction histories for each user

How do I delegate access?

The primary administrator goes into the Business menu, the Users submenu and clicks on Add a user.

See the demonstration

Two-signature accounts

You can use two-signature accounts to authorize transactions initiated by employees.

The Sign feature in the AccèsD Affaires cash management service allows accounts to be debited only if two signatures have been obtained. Transactions entered by a first signatory are put on hold until they are authorized by the second signatory.

Special remarks about Can-Act

  • Once registered for Can-Act, all users with access to government remittance services will have access to Can-Act.
  • The list of accounts defined by the primary administrator available to Can-Act users, regardless of their AccèsD Affaires access rights.
  • If an account is not to be used, the primary administrator must delete the account from the list or withdraw the user's payment and government remittances privileges.
  • The two signature function applies to Can-Act remittances, as it applies to AccèsD Affaires remittances. However, two signatures are required to cancel a remittance in Can-Act.

Find out more

For more information or advice on how to get the most from AccèsD Affaires, contact your caisse.

Keep track of your cheques online!

AccèsD Affaires users who have the cheque return option on their account can now keep track of their cheques online with the new cheque imaging service.


  • Lets you:
    • view the front and back of each cheque as soon as it's processed
    • download PDF images of the front and back of the cheque for a specific time period
  • Automatically accessible to members who have the cheque return option on their account, meaning that cheques debited from that account each month or week, as the case may be, are returned with their statement.



  • Download processed cheques for faster and easier bank reconciliation.
  • Find cheques more easily with the sort function (by date or cheque number).
  • Keep a digital history of cheque images; reduce paper and help protect the environment.
  • Automatic access to the cheque imaging service if users already have access to the "View statements" operation in AccèsD Affaires


Access to cheque images

You can access cheque images as soon as cheques are paid against your account:

  • View cheques for 62 days.
  • Download them for 124 days (current month and last 3 months) in PDF.

You can request cheques for up to 31 consecutive days at a time.

Members who do not have the cheque return option on their account

Business members who do not have the cheque return option on their account must contact their caisse or the AccèsD service directly to get the cheque imaging service.

To use AccèsD

You have to be a Caisse member.

Use the AccèsD Affaires cash management service Info function to find out, almost to the second, your company account balances:

  • Canadian currency accounts, U.S. currency accounts, or accounts in other foreign currencies
  • lines of credit
  • loans
  • VISA Desjardins accounts

You can also use it to check your personal account balances.

How to access account balance information:

  • Account balances are displayed as soon as you've logged on to the site. Otherwise, click on the Cash Management tab.
  • Click on the link of an account for detailed information.

See the demonstration.

Monthly statement of account

A monthly statement of account, identical to the one you receive by mail, allows you to get account information on the first working day of each month and for the last 15 months.

How to access statements:

From the Statements tab, select the type of statement you'd like to get and for which accounts.

See the demonstration.

Search for transactions

Get transaction details and account activity for the last 62 days on-screen and on demand.

Look up, print or download, the following documents at your convenience:

  • statements of transactions
  • statements of rejected transactions
  • monthly statements of account

Account reconciliation

Statements can be downloaded in various formats for reconciliation:

  • Open Financial eXchange (OFX)
  • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
  • Text with or without accented characters (TXT)
  • Delimited text with or without accented characters (CSV).

For more information

For technical support contact us at 1 877 ACCÈSD A (1 877 222-3732).

To sign up for AccèsD Affaires or one of its sub-services, fill contact your caisse.

Save your user code to log on to AccèsD Affaires more easily. You can save up to 6 different codes.

How it works

  1. Open the Welcome to AccèsD Affaires page.

  2. Enter your user code and check the Remember my user code box.

  3. Add a description if needed (e.g., My code, Paul's card, Admin card). If you saved more than one code, adding a description will make it easier to spot your user code when you log on. Refresh the page to see the description you added.

Save up to 6 codes

You can save up to 6 user codes to allow many users who share the same computer to log on to AccèsD Affaires more quickly. They can each save and spot their code easily.

Once a first code is saved, select it and log on to AccèsD Affaires to make transactions in the account linked to it.

Add a user code

You can add another code by clicking on the Use another user code button. The Welcome to AccèsD Affaires page will be displayed and you can fill in the User code field, check the Remember my user code box and fill in the Description field, if needed.

Use another user code

To switch user codes once one or more codes are saved, click on Use another user code.

Delete a code

To delete one or more codes, you have 3 options:
  1. Click on the Delete all user codes button on AccèsD Affaires.

  2. On the Authenticate AccèsD Affaires page, click on Delete this user code.

  3. Clear your computer's cache. As some browsers delete cookies, saved user codes to log on to AccèsD Affaires may be deleted. You can save them again the next time you log on.
To use AccèsD Affaires
You must have a business account.

An AccèsD Affaires function that allows you to pay most of your utility bills, service provider invoices, municipal taxes and credit card bills. Make your payment immediately or on any other date you choose, and you can pay as many bills as you want.

Your bill file

First, add the biller to your bill file.

The list of eligible organizations that you can pay on AccèsD Affaires is always growing.

How to pay bills

  • From the Payments tab, select the Service Providers.
  • Enter the amount, frequency and date of payment.
  • Select the account to be debited.
  • Click on the Validate button to complete the transaction.

See the demonstration

For more information, contact your Caisse.

An AccèsD Affaires function that allows you make your tax payments – source deductions and employer contributions, taxes, personal income taxes, installment payments, as well as provincial and federal remittances and payments – directly online.


  • The electronic remittance forms look like the paper forms you already use.
  • You can fill out, change, print or delete forms as long as payment has not yet been made.
  • Once forms have been filled out, you can make payments immediately or set them up to take place at a later date, whichever is more convenient.
  • Refund requests are processed rapidly, i.e. within 14 business days.
  • You can delegate the task to an employee or your accountant

How to make remittances on AccèsD Affaires

  • Log on to AccèsD Affaires.
  • Click on the Payments tab at the top of the screen and select Government remittances from the menu.
  • Select the appropriate form.
  • Click on Enter.

See the demonstration

Available government remittance forms

Canadian Government

  • Current Source Deductions (forms PD7A, PD7A(TM), PD7A-RB, RC107)
  • Corporation Income Tax – Interim Payments (forms RC97, RC98, RC99, RC100, RC-160)
  • Corporation Income Tax – Amount Owing (form RC159)
  • Installment Payments Made by Individuals (for self-employed workers, form INNS3)
  • Source Deductions Arrears Remittance Voucher (form PD7D)

Provincial governments

AccèsD Affaires also gives you direct access to the Can-Act service. Companies can use Can-Act to make their government remittances to other provinces, where they do business. Companies can use Can-Act to make remittances to their province and to other provinces where they do business. More than 46 provincial and federal forms are available.

Find out more

For more information or advice on how to get the most from AccèsD Affaires, contact your caisse. For technical support, dial 1-877-7ACADIE.

Transfers between accounts

Use the AccèsD Affaires Cash Management service to transfer funds between your same currency accounts in the same caisse or between caisses.

You can make transfers between chequing and regular savings accounts, repay your line of credit, get cash advances against your line of credit and make credit card payments.

Transfers are made instantaneously, whether they originate from a credit card, personal account or another one of your accounts.

You may also set up transfers to be made a later date or on a recurring basis at the frequency you select:

  • daily
  • semi-monthly (the 15th and 30th of each month)
  • weekly
  • quarterly
  • every 2 weeks
  • monthly
  • annually

See the demonstration

For more information, contact your Caisse.

User guide (PDF format, 2.2 Mb)